Bear with me as I explain a vital way to boost your site’s conversion rate: usability guidelines. You’ll understand better if I begin with your brain.

The brain deals with billions if not trillions of bits of incoming information each second. Signals come from the 30,000 auditory pathways in your ears and 6 million cones in your eyes. The millions of nerves in your skin tell you how well your shoes fit or how comfortable your chair is. Ten thousand taste buds join the nerve endings in your nose to send what we hope are signals that your brain finds appealing. Whatever your measure, the brain processes massive amounts of data each second.

Random Numbers and Your Brain

Its capabilities all seem quite impressive until you try this simple test. Look at this number for 5 seconds; then look away and try to repeat it:


Most people’s brains stumble over recalling 12 random numbers. On average we can hold 7 (plus or minus 2) random bits of data in memory at one time. How can our remarkable brain manage millions of data bits yet not be able to hold twelve random numbers in memory?

Now, try this second test. Look at this number for 5 seconds, then look away and try to repeat it:


No doubt, you can recall these twelve digits perfectly. Keep in mind that while you took this quiz, your brain continued to handle the incoming mountain of sensory information. Why are we designed to remember patterns well, but not random information? And how does that affect your web business?

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