Content is a very important part of your Web site. This is the part of your website that the search engines see. Useful content gets visitors to your site, engages them, and builds credibility. Surveys indicate that sixty-five percent of visitors go to Web sites to get information.

Valuable content can include how-to articles, reports, tips, and even links to relevant sites providing useful resources. For example,  a haircare ecommerce site may give tips on how to use their products or the latest fashion trends, a cd/dvd web site may offer free reviews, biographies of musicians and actors, and an online media player that allows visitors to preview their selections.

You’ll also need to include:

  • Contact information. Include your name, business name, email, local phone number (international prospects can’t call 0800 numbers), fax, and postal address.
  • Company information (registered address and number if applicable)
  • Information about your products or services.
  • A call to action (“Click here to sign-up for our newsletter”).
  • Order information, delivery, returns, terms and conditions and privacy policy.


  • Provide information that is valuable, useful, or entertaining to your target market.
  • Feature content relevant to the topic of your site.
  • Use a feedback form to find out what your visitors want.

Visitors typically come to your Web site four to five times before they buy from you.